DesignQA is the leading engineering quality software system that detects, assesses, corrects, and prevents product development problems caused by inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent design modelling practices.

DesignQA operates from within a CAD system using native CAD geometry and menus to ensure consistency and accuracy of data.


Custom fields support expands data segregation capabilities when analysing quality metrics.

Ability to review models while working.

Standards file versioning, password protection and quality stamping in support of supply chain management.

Profile options to allow administrator to limit user Run Panel options.

Quality Metrics Database - maintains record of which quality standards have passed or failed and a variety of other information to enable you to identify, quantify, and track product quality across your entire organisation during all design phases. This neutral data format can be read and visualised using the quality metrics management solution, DriveQA®.

Extensible modelling standards can be customise to support diverse requirements.

Provides hyperlinks to company-specific or online reference and training material.

Easy to use application requires little end-user training.


Immediate and constructive feedback on models.
Models are reusable by downstream users.
Models incorporate data requirements of down stream applications.
Ensures models can be used by analysis, manufacturing and rapid prototyping systems.
Ensures models are properly layered and segmented to facilitate ease of use and filtering by others.
Ensures models are prepared for PDM submission.
Eliminates non-value-added rework and clean-up tasks by applying consistent design techniques.
Ensures models have the correct syntax and naming conventions to avoid miscommunications.
Reduces production delays by embedding manufacturing requirements.
Ensures models are efficiently stored by eliminating unused or extraneous constructs, elements and other information.
Out of the Box Standards - provides a jump-start for implementing bestpractices.


DesignQA checks CAD models for compatibility with selected corporate and project specific standards. DesignQA reports pass/fail for each standard and provides details in order for design engineers to correct their models.

DesignQA includes over 100 different kinds of standards. Each standard type can be tailored to invoke one or many specific design requirements for your organisation This means that companies are able to write their own custom checks, which allow organisation to maintain their corporate standards.