DriveQA is the management tool that compiles and analyse engineering quality metrics generated by DesignQA and GeometryQA to determine the health of an engineering organisation and the effectiveness of its design processes. DriveQA provides critical quality measurement data that a company can use to improve the product development process and institute training, standards reviews or other corrective measures to solve costly and time-consuming quality errors.
Custom fields allow input of an individual company's specific cost factors.
Intuitive user interface.
Flexibility: powerful chart definition with user-defined fields and filters and full control over titles, legends, etc.
Central Quality Database: Seamlessly imports quality metrics for DesignQA and GeometryQA.
Cost Impact: Reports and charts cost impact for failed standards through user defined cost factors for direct labour and indirect costs.
Out-of-the-Box Charts: Built-in charts offer a jump-start for immediately analysing quality metrics.
Customisation shows the actual financial impact of errors and failed standards in your organisation.
A better understanding of how much andwhere product development costs are being spent.
Identifies prevalent and costly design problems.
Can be used long-term to continually analyse and quantify the effects of process improvement in terms of design quality, defect rate reductions and cost savings.
Identifies areas where training, standards reviews or other corrective measures would be most beneficial.
Operating Systems Supported
Windows 2000 & XP