PrescientQA For CATIA V5.

PrescientQA for CATIA V5 is built on the award-winning Prescient architecture and includes such capabilities as model stamping, quality metrics, advanced reporting, and flexible and powerful standards configuration.

Bringing full interoperability to the design environment PrescientQA for CATIA V5 will overlay onto existing methods, procedures, and best modeling practices so that companies don't have to adapt their processes around the tool itself.

Proven Track Record With Prescient® Technology

Modeling practices that are incomplete, inaccurate or inconsistent, typically account for 45% of change orders in an organisation.

PrescientQA for CATIA V5 addresses these challenges and helps companies to:
identify problems early in the design process, which substantially reduces product development cycle time, rework and cost.
ensure consistency and conformance to the company's standards and best practices.
enhance data interoperability throughout downstream applications and the manufacturing supply chain.
ensure "clean" legacy design data.
enable high-level management overview of data including distribution of quality and financial impact.

PrescientQA for CATIA V5 combines the functionality of the core DesignQA and GeometryQA modules under a single user friendly and intuitive interface. Designed to be a fully integrated application running within the CATIA V5 environment PrescientQA for CATIA V5 brings the powerful functionality and benefits of integrated CAD data quality within easy reach of today's engineering designers.

Working seamlessly inside CATIA V5 the user can choose from interactive functionality, automatic repair and integrated standards management for rapid data analysis and correction.

Available with both batch and interactive engines, PrescientQA has the powerful Standards Configurator module that enables any one of the standards files to be modified to fit individual company standards with minimal effort. Inbuilt flexibility multiples the capability of out-of-the-box standards, allowing the simplest, or the most complex, configurations to be built.

PrescientQA for CATIA V5: Product Features
Integrated Knowledge Expert Checks for CATPart, CATAssembly and CATDraw
Enhanced error detection and highlighting
Interactive error correction from within the CATIA V5 session
Local 'off-line' processing for bulk data assessment outside of the design environment
Intuitive and interactive model quality reviews while working within the design.
Standards file versioning, password protection and quality stamping in support of supply chain management.
Profile options to allow the administrator to limit user Run Panel options.
Fully integrated to the Quality Metrics Database, DriveQA.
Extensible modelling standards that can be customised to support diverse requirements.
Easily customised hyperlinks to company-specific or online reference and training material.
Easy to use application that requires little end-user training.