As more and more of a product's development is done digitally, companies are discovering that the quality of their product model plays a key role in, and is directly linked to, the quality of the end product.

Now product quality concerns that were once focused on the manufacturing process are being aimed earlier in the design cycle - at the engineering product created as a digital model.
Digital Model of car
Companies are paying attention to the early detection, preferably prevention, of design errors that affect the quality of their design engineering product and are seeing an immediate impact on cycle time and cost.

A New Level of Quality Control.
PrescientQA is an integrated software series that detects, assesses, corrects and can even prevent product development problems caused by modelling practices that are either inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent or all three.

These problems, generally undetected, account for about 45% of the engineering change orders in a typical organisation. Companies have discovered that identifying problems early in the design process substantially reduces product development cycle time, rework and cost.
A proven track record with Prescient® Technology.

The award-winning PrescientQA quality assurance software has been correcting errors, minimizing engineering change orders and revolutionising quality assurance processes at several of the world's largest aircraft and automobile manufacturers.
PrescientQA enterprise solutions are used around the world at aerospace, automotive, electronics, and other discrete manufacturers with complex design manufacturing and assembly processes.

PrescientQA allows you to work with different divisions and downstream suppliers with confidence that the same quality standards can be measured and controlled.